2015 Blog Journey at a Glance – Noel Network

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”

― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Let’s begin this new year on a high note. However, one should never forget the lessons of the past and this very reason behind our current blog being an index of all our previous blogs. If you have missed any, you can go through them now. The first blog on our website was published back in April and since then we have regularly updated our page and provided you with various tips and trick of the game to resolve the issues you might be facing with your system, be it your PC or your workstation.

If you wish to know more about the ways to manage the IT system of your workplace, then you can read about it from here.

We all understand the important role that customer support executives play in resolving the different issues we face in our day to day life. So if you have any issue with your computer, and you need to deal with customer support executive to resolve it, but you do not understand what he is trying to say, then this blog will definitely help you decode the matrix.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you will definitely understand the importance of Network support and how important it is for the growth of your business. If you are planning to be an entrepreneur in the future, subsequently this blog is a must-read for you.

Moving on our next blog was for desktop owners who are facing some technical issues with their system. This blog targets the core problems that can be resolved easily by anyone with some basic knowledge about the system. So instead of calling a maintenance guy to resolve the issue, or hanging on the call waiting for the customer support team top diagnose the system and instruct you with the steps you can make your home desktop work smoothly and solve the most commonly occurring problems at home. So before you take your Pc for repair, just go through this blog, and you never know that you might not have to take your PC to repair after all. You might be able to resolve the issue with your system on your own.

Then after helping out the people of New York tri-state area let us focus our attention back to the businesses in the region. New York is the Financial Capital of the World, and if you need to run your business properly, then you will need an outstanding IT support team to take care of the systems at your workplace. To know more about Business IT-Support, read our blog by clicking here.

For running your business smoothly you will require a secure network connection. For that, you need to invest your time and effort to develop a system that is secured. To know more about the importance of Network security for your business, you can read our network security blog post from September by clicking here.

You need to secure your network to avoid the theft of your valuable data. Any attack or issue in your system can result or damage of that precious information that can be a setback for your business. In order to avoid such a scenario, you need to backup your data. To know how you should proceed in this regard, just follow the data backup steps mentioned here.

MAc-Os projects far fewer issues than Windows and it is less prone to cyber threats and virus files as well. However, it is not a reliable OS, and it has its own problems that need to be resolved. In this blog, we have discussed the most common issues faced by Mac-OS users and their solutions furthermore.

Now, you must be wondering if Mac-OS is so much better than Windows OS, then why do more people prefer to use Windows instead of Mac. To debunk this mystery, we have a blog post from the last September that resolves the issue for everyone. If you too are facing this dilemma, then this blog post is the right fit for you.

After that, we started a blog series that described the journey of Windows OS over the past two decades. In this blog series, we have paid emphasis on every major crest and troughs of Windows and Microsoft in an attempt to provide our readers an insight on the Present Windows 10 and how it came into being. Start reading the Journey of Windows blog series‘ first chapter.

We ended the last year by making you aware of the common issues that most people faced when they tried to upgrade their OS to the recently launched Windows 10. Along with that, we also mentioned the solutions to these problems, so that you too can upgrade your Windows based OS to the latest and most stable version launched until the date. To resolve any issue that you might have encountered while upgrading your OS is well mentioned here.