Top 10 Tips about Cloud Storage Solutions that Every Business Needs to Follow

The benefits of cloud storage are many. We are not denying it or arguing against the case. We are here to address the chaos among the order, a self-inflicted chaos to be precise:   Businesses, convinced of the benefits of cloud storage, often end up exercising the solution ineffectively, as they ignore the right practices. […]

Understanding the Basics of Purchasing Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Have you been recently introduced to the idea of NAS or “network-attached storage” or a fullfledged pitch in a business meeting recently? Confounded by what this all too geeky, all too tech savvy, and forward term? This post will explain what NAS is and the basic considerations you should factor in when comparing different NAS […]

The 4 Essential Ingredients of an Effective Business Disaster Recovery Plan

A dreaded silence, albeit temporarily, now clouds the crowded cubicles. You don’t know what just happened, but yes, that was definitely the sound of your business operations crashing down. A power outage, a malware attack reducing the entire enterprise server to its knees, a fire breakout, a natural calamity… … your business operations have just […]


You switch on your PC, wait for the OS to load – meanwhile you sip the morning coffee, login with your credentials. And finally, you are there: your blissful, pristine desktop. Ready for the work, just as you are about to click on an icon, a message pops up:   VIRUS ALERT! SPAM SPYWARE – […]

Top 5 Data Management Challenges And How To Overcome Them

What you are looking up there is a populated desktop of one of our colleagues – Sssh, don’t let this information get leaked. We hope, you can acknowledge the mismanaged and disorganized data, stacked in different folders. The mess would just get even messier if we were to open one of these folders, which in […]

Top 6 problems with the PC fixed

Ever since the technology has taken its place, problems and their solutions have always been loose. We all must have been to one or the other problem that our Windows or hardware must have suffered. Some troubles are easy to touch on while others may demand sometimes. These doubts are starting to pop up every […]

Five Tips for Successful IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster is one term that cannot be compromised when business and daily activities come into play, hence, if you are a business owner or privileged business management; mapping out professional disaster recovery plan is recommended. In business, IT Disaster can be very exasperating, it causes roadblock to all business activities, in some cases, might even […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Defenses Against Attack

With the increase in the number of cyber attacks and criminal activities on in the internet community nowadays, don’t you think it’s high time to get busy with the issue of security? Not just getting busy with internet security issues; but rather, specifically swinging into action without procrastination. If you are a business owner or […]

Intrusion Detection System: Strengthening Your Network Security

The world of internet is a dangerous place. Our network and Information systems have always been a target of e-attacks. Despite the availability of numerous assessment tools on the internet, there has been an increase in the attempts to breach system security. Tools like Nmap and LOphtCrack have been trying to identify the problem, scan […]