Debunking the Mystery of issues in MAC OS X

What is Mac OS X?

The successor of Mac OS 9, Mac OS X is a GUI(Graphic User Interface) based on Unix. It was first developed, designed and marketed by Apple.Inc for their Macintosh computers. Ever since it was launched in 2002, it is being pre-installed on all the Mac computers. Screenshot from 2015-09-28 23:24:02

What are the issues?

WIFI: If you too suffer from WIFI related issue then don’t panic. Just plug in a portable WIFI device or using the WiFi on your friend’s computer download the WiFi software and reinstall it on your computer.

Bluetooth: For some users the Bluetooth of the device fails to recognize or become discoverable. All you need to do is remove all USB preferences, disconnect all the attached devices and restart your Mac after a few minutes. If the problem persists, reinstall the software.

Notification Center: If the preference settings in your computer get changed to default after reboot just follow the process here.

Screenshot from 2015-09-28 23:24:38

Lags: If your Mac responds slow, when starting after sleep then there must be some files that haven’t been updated yet. Instead of calling the customer support just let the files and software get updated.

iTunes 12: If you get an error message to update iTune 12, instead of relying on any other third party source just go to apple’s website and download it directly from the website.

Safari: According to a report by Apple, there have been a lot of reports of Safari not loading or causing issues when running. Sometimes, an HDCP compliant error flashes when watching Netflix on you Mac. Don’t start panicking, Apple and Netflix are working to resolve the issue. You will soon receive an update for the same till then download some other browser.Screenshot from 2015-09-28 23:26:54

Handoff: Loyal Apple consumers are facing issues while trying to connect their OS8/9 devices with Mac OS X. They seem to move in a loop when trying to do the same. Before you try doing it again, just reset your Bluetooth and iCloud, and you will see you will be able to connect your devices easily.

Graphics: A new update will soon be launched by Apple and Adobe soon enough so that you can use Photoshop and other Adobe softwares on your Mac without any issue or bug. Wait a while and till then use some other alternative.

Hope this blog was useful. If you face any software or hardware related issue, then feel free to bring your computer/laptop down to our service station or call our technician to do the needful.