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Malware infections are on the rise. Statistics show that workers receive 92 percent of malware via email. Plus, Trojans make up approximately 51.45 percent of all malware. Unfortunately, Trojans and ransomware are among the most costly types of attacks too. These are vicious and can have devastating effects on your business, such as:

Therefore, it is vital to take adequate measures to ensure virus and spam protection. At Noel Network & PC Services, Inc., we provide businesses with enterprise-level protection from all types of viruses. With us, you can select from the broadest array of antivirus software programs capable of handling attacks of all sizes and scopes. Let us help keep your business network secure so you never have to worry about a data breach or unplanned downtime.

Spam Protection

Spam emails are similar to telemarketing calls. These emails are unsolicited,unwanted, and likely to contain spyware and other viruses. If you don't have a proper spam filter installed, these unsolicited emails can lead to lost productivity as they quickly fill your employees' inboxes and distract them. That's not all!

Besides lowering the productivity of your employees, spam emails can also compromise your business security. For example, if your employee downloads an attachment with a virus or provides confidential company information to a phishing email, it can wreak havoc.

Unsolicited emails can attack your network and servers and steal your business-critical data. Therefore, to avoid being a victim, contact us. Benefit from our spam protection services to keep your employees and business protected.

Noel Network & PC Services

Updated Antiviruses

We have centralized virus and spam protection solutions at Noel Network & PC Services, Inc., allowing us toprovide you with antiviruses that are automatically updated. We spare you the hassle of updating your antiviruses and ensure that your business enjoys comprehensive protection at all times without compromise. Our updates are aligned with the recent heuristics and data.

With us, your business gets the protection critical in today’s dynamic and internet-driven marketplace. Rest assured, once you partner with us for virus and spam protection; you can say goodbye to situations like:

We keep your business landscape protected from all possible cyber threats. From antivirus installation to updates and backups, we have you covered. Give us a chance to impress you. Like our other satisfied clients, you will be happy with your decision. Get in touch with us today to protect your business assets and data with virus and spam protection.

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