Over 2 Decade: Journey of Windows – Chapter 3

Let’s continue from where we left off, shall we? In the last blog, we discussed the journey of Windows 95, and then Windows 98. Approximately two years after launching the Upgraded version of Windows 95 stable version. With the turn of the millennium, the OS giant Windows released its latest OS in February 2000, Windows […]

Debunking the Mystery of issues in MAC OS X

What is Mac OS X? The successor of Mac OS 9, Mac OS X is a GUI(Graphic User Interface) based on Unix. It was first developed, designed and marketed by Apple.Inc for their Macintosh computers. Ever since it was launched in 2002, it is being pre-installed on all the Mac computers. What are the issues? […]

Windows vs. MAC: Which OS to opt?

Choosing an OS which will be easy to use is often a tricky question which troubles many PC, users. Getting used to one OS from another is never easy. Often, people face issues in many keyboard shortcuts that they had used earlier in their older OS but are not present in the new OS. Here […]