The Transformation of the Tech Trends in 2016

2016 trends

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“Data Encryption”, “Cloud”, “cybersecurity” and “machine learning” have been on the list of the buzzwords for the year 2015. With the advancements in the technology, the companies are focussing on finding innovative ways to make our life safer and better by delivering us the latest trends in the year 2016.

With time, the technology and the trends followed have seen a tremendous transformation. The year 2016 is likely to be known as the “year of revolution” for the technical trends. Some of the tech trends that 2016 will be experiencing are listed below.

3D touch to expand:


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According to the users, the 3D touch found on the iphones has been one of the important innovations. The pressure applied to the display after been sensed by the iphone gives it an opportunity for new functions and gestures. This innovation being very much in demand has forced the competitors to develop their versions and hit them in the market. So watch out for the change. You might find the same functionality in other smartphones this year.

IoT to gain more ground:

Internet of Things

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Need has arrived to have a particular “Internet of Things platform” to bring different devices all together at one place. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft have started to offer this kind of a platform. With a sudden increase in the purchase of smart devices for the home starting from thermostats to refrigerators connected to the Internet, security issue for IoT has been the prime concern. The launch of a new security hub known as “The Box” was invented for protecting the Wi-Fi network even for the devices that are unable to run an antivirus program. The box also comes with a unique feature of enabling a private line, that generates an encrypted connection between the mobile device, thereby protecting it from hackers and viruses even when you are using Wi-Fi hotspots.


win 10 issue


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As soon as this feature was launched it became one of the most important trends, as most of the users have switched to encrypting their data for protecting the privacy. The authorities have always blamed encryption for the terror attacks, and it is the reason governments are trying to intensify the privacy tools. The coming months of 2016 will notice several laws passing limiting the encryption.
However, many tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google and many others have denied weakening the encryption levels used. Google’s new update of Android, Marshmallow, has made a full-disk encryption mandatory for almost all the new devices. At the same time, iOS has also enabled the full encryption. The year 2016 will be a year most likely known as “The full Encryption Era.”

The advancement in the technology and adapting them at the right time is an important aspect of growth and moving ahead. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends coming up this year and safeguard your privacy.