Top 6 problems with the PC fixed

Ever since the technology has taken its place, problems and their solutions have always been loose. We all must have been to one or the other problem that our Windows or hardware must have suffered. Some troubles are easy to touch on while others may demand sometimes. These doubts are starting to pop up every now and then, what’s significant, is to find a solution to them. As we experience, there is no problem that does not have a solution, all you need is to put your time to resolve them. Hence, here are some of the answer queries that every window user should know.

My PC is getting old day by day; it used to run fast, now it crawls.

You once had a PC that used to be as quick as a Rabbit and now it seems to crawl. Comfortably, you can’t fault the hardware for that. However, surely, upgrading the CPU, adding RAM or replacing a hard drive with an SSD can solve the issue. Yes, the above solutions might cost you a huge sum of money, thus, if you are looking for more inexpensive solutions, try uninstalling the software that slowed your PC down at the first position.

Love to browse, but don’t know how to safeguard the privacy?

What seems to be a big task, browsing or keeping your privacy settings for the browsing. I don’t suppose this is a hard question to answer. Safeguarding your browsing sessions so as to not let other corporations know what you are hovering around sounded like a paranoia some years back. However, today, there are a bunch of tricks that can conceal and hide your information. Just switching from a normal browsing mode to the private browsing session with a couple of additional add-ons can maintain your secrecy.

Oops!! I just deleted an important file. How can I recover it?

Do you see your data and files playing “Hide and Seek” with you? There are times when those files are visible and times when they are simply lost somewhere. Everybody loves to play, and so has your files learnt it from you. Does it frighten you when you don’t see a file you are looking for? Well, this is one of the biggest problems anybody can face. Especially, when you have a presentation and you suddenly figure out that your documents are misplaced. The interrogative sentence that instantly arrives to your psyche is “Where are they?” God! Did I not create a backup? However, even if it was deleted, don’t you worry. You even bear a fortune to see them in the recycle bin or may be in some recess of the empty distances of your much occupied hard drive.

I never desire to see this Blue screen ever

You are almost on the verge of completing an important presentation that you are supposed to deliver tomorrow and suddenly what do you see? The most haunted screen, that is often termed as a death screen. A blue background with white letters dancing on it. Do you feel as if they are making fun of you? Well, I feel so. What is your initial visceral reaction to it? Most of the users without wasting even a second end up in rebooting the system and keep their fingers crossed wishing they don’t have to see the same screen again. Merely, some are lucky; many are not. If you face this problem repetitively asks for an advice from an expert rather than trying your hands in fixing it up, you might lose the chance to retrieve the information if you fail to do so.

Oh, my hard drive is full, how do I clean it?

I was cleaning my PC to get some empty space for other matters and during the procedure, I erased some of the files, but the data dint completely wipes away. For a solution, I even emptied the recycle bin, but some of the bits still exist on the disk until the time new data rewrites over it. Have you ever encountered this problem before? Do you struggle to clear the hard disk every other day? Well, even if you format the drive the files still exist, you just need to know how to trace them back.

I like preserving memories, how to archive the files?

As we say, there is nothing that will hold out forever, but despite knowing this fact, you still want some of your text files and files to last for a long time. Subsequently all, who does not like preserving the memories to have a look at them when they grow old and share it with their future generations.

Get in touch with a technical support if you face a problem that you are not able to deal at your end. It is more beneficiary better to recognize what your limitations are and how much skilled you are in dealing with different situations provided you don’t make the matters worse.