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About Our Company

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Noel Network and PC Services Inc. is the IT Company you can trust for quality products and service. Contact us in Long Island, New York, for more information about how we can help you.

Let Us Show You The Difference

Ronel Noel is a network engineer, database developer, and the president of our company. He created Noel Network & PC Services Inc. in 1989 as a way to do something different from the competition. He wants to do it your way. We believe that technology should be more than fancy looking. It should bring your net profits up. Let us show you how we can turn productivity into net profit.

So Much Potential

Most prospective clients only use a fraction of the technology available to them, simply because they are not aware of what really can be done. We see the problems you run into on a daily basis, and it is our pleasure to show you all of the wonderful things we can do to help your company with technology products and services.

Looking Forward To Serving You

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We hope you enjoy reading about the many great technology-related services our firm has to offer, and we look forward to doing business with you. You can email or call Ronel Noel directly at 631-486-7876 or 516-285-5194.