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e-Commerce Website Development

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e-Commerce Website Development Service

We offer a highly reliable e-commerce website development service for people entering this business domain or established brands ready for major upgrades.

e-Commerce Website Development Service:

Noel Network & PC Services does e-commerce website development with the aims to enhance user experience, improve website usability, and increase opportunities for up-selling by making it not just easy but desirable through impeccable presentation and design. After all, it is about making an impression.



When it comes to giving your visitors the right impression and making them like your website better than your competition, you need to give your e-commerce website design that catches the eye and interest of the visitor. Proportioned columns of text and images, producing a look of symmetry that relaxes the eye and makes it easy to locate buttons, CTAs, and links give your website a design that contributes to converting visitors into buyers.

Our e-commerce website design strategy is based around the following objectives:

  • To ensure your visitor finds pertinent bits of information conveniently
  • To create visual cues that connect the dots and automatically lead the visitor to preferred CTAs
  • To make up-selling options visible with benefits to increase chances of the visitor taking the offer
  • To create elegant and impactful showcases for your products with smartly structured categories


A key goal of every one of our e-commerce website development projects is to help clients drive sales. After all, no matter how good your website looks, you will not love it unless it is giving you the revenue you wanted out of it.
Every smartly built e-commerce website functions to meet this one singular purpose, and, being a smart team of e-commerce website developers, we take pride in always working toward this goal.

  • We create designs to establish a sense of urgency for the visitor, which leads them to act. Combined with the visual cues that direct them to your CTA, this doubles the chances that they will buy your products.
  • We optimize your e-commerce website for greater sales by using design components that are winning your competition their customers.
  • We focus our efforts on usability and directed engagement so that a visitor feels the need to buy your products


A lot of people do not understand that smart search engine optimization for a website begins in its developmental stages. We understand the role great website infrastructure can play in optimizing your website for search engine crawlers and other bots that influence your SERPs rankings. With clearly defined paths, smartly built directories, and other techniques that lead to convenience for search engine bots, we optimize every e-commerce web development job to give desired results and increase your revenue.

  • This kind of focus and website structure results in arrival of more qualified leads on your website who are closer to the mental state of buying your products than other people roaming the Internet.
  • Our highly optimized web structures and landing pages rank higher on relevant keywords and make your website get to the top step-by-step through organic suggestions on the SERPs.
  • We focus on e-commerce web development in a way that increases your relevance, which is the ultimate factor that gets you higher SERP rankings and more traffic.


Similar to adding the element of relevance in your development phase, integration of your systems is an important objective for us. As your trusted team of e-commerce website development, we do what it takes to make your website shine with not just beautiful design but also with flawless function and total control over the logistics of the clicks your visitors execute.

  • We keep every important component of a successful e-commerce website design in mind so that we build you a website that is fully integrated with all your tools of choice and functions flawlessly.
  • Whether it is your inventory management system, inventory lists, invoicing system, shipping provider’s forms, or payment gateways, we have you covered.


Your choice of the content management system that will work behind your e-commerce web design limits your development team due to its own limitations and unique approach to certain important tasks. However, this hardly worries us, thanks to our expertise in not only the popular CMS options you might want to try, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., but also in building custom content management systems from scratch.

  • We let you truly take control of your CMS, regardless of the platform it is built on, by simply building it around your preferences and needs and sharp focus on user-friendliness.
  • This means you have the kind of dashboard you want with the tools you prefer to be available top of the screen for easy access.
  • We can also embed third party analytics tools of your choice, such as Google Analytics, within the CMS so you never have to leave the dashboard to research your crucial data.


We invite you to have your e-commerce website development projects done with our professional team and witness quality served with amazing value for the money you pay. Get the service today and get your website made professionally!