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Local SEO Services

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Local SEO Services to Put You on the Map

Our local SEO services are strategic and target specific. We put your business on the map for local audiences to find you easily. Get our services today and get found.

Local SEO Services:

Local SEO is all about having the right kind of presence in every resource that your target audience uses to find things that you are selling. Our local SEO services are made with the goal of giving you this presence and making sure you are found by the right people.


The way we do local SEO is as unique and comprehensive as any other marketing service we provide for the digital world. You can expect the best of everything and a set of no-nonsense features and benefits to go with our local SEO services. For example, the key benefits you can expect from this service could be like this:

  • Your business will get listed in search engine maps appropriately so you make the list of organic local search suggestions of your local target audience
  • Your website design gets a major upgrade because we want to make sure you have a mobile friendly website up and running for reasons discussed below
  • Your business will get listed in major online yellow pages, directories for local businesses, maps, and GPS assistants

If you are already impressed with what we are capable of doing in our local SEO services, let’s get started right now


Initial Consult

The first and foremost thing to do is to understand the problem, which, in this case, is actually figuring out what your current local SEO status looks like. In this initial consult, we do an all-inclusive analysis of your web presence and list the pain areas that we will need to work on. Since the whole purpose of getting our local SEO services is to make you visible, your assigned account manager will take you through a series of questions to understand what kind of visibility you are expecting from the service. They will also gather information and access we need for the results we promise.This will help understand each other’s expectations and define the terms of our contract.

Website Upgrade

Our analysis of your current web presence will include an overview of your website, which is the ultimate place you want your target audience to land on regardless of the route they are taking.You need a website that works perfectly fine on mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets. This is required because most people are searching for things on their mobile devices. If your website fails to load properly, this will decimate user experience and people are more likely to bounce back to search suggestions than linger on and try to navigate through your landing pages. If your design fails on our scale, we will happily build you a mobile version for your website and optimize it for visibility from the scratch.

Get Cited

Getting cited simply means that your business gets listed on websites relevant to your industry, and a citation usually contains your business contact details, including your business name, mailing address, and contact number with maybe a location map. If this is done enough times using high quality listings, search engines get indicators that you are an authority in your industry and should be ranked higher with more visibility across the board. Our team prepares a long list of high ranking websites relevant to your industry and adds your citations to as many of them as possible. This includes niche websites, online yellow pages, and trusted local business directories, like Yelp, for example.

On the Map

Your business needs to be on online maps so that, when people are looking for products or services that you sell, your business and location pop up. If this does not happen, you might be losing a significant number of customers to your competition who were near you when they wanted your products or services but never even found out your business exists. Our team of GPS optimizers makes sure your business gets listed in every relevant and popular map application, including Google Maps (Plus Local, where applicable), Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Mapquest, etc.

Get Links

We like to go out of our way to make sure customers get the best of everything. While we will build you a responsive website, if need be, we are also willing to help you build a reputation for your business by making you high quality content for the website that we will distribute on your social pages and blog to get you more references and a thumbs up from search engines.

Monitor Progress

We are offended by the existence of black hat SEO. It is something we deeply despise. This is why we believe in total transparency of our local SEO services. We will provide you regular reports and seamless access to all our activities so you can monitor the tasks in progress as well as the results they are achieving..


We are ready to help you make your mark and start growing in your local community. If you are too, get our local SEO services today and let’s get you found!