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Coordinating Details

We further combine our experiences, our knowledge, our technology, and our processes into an integrated service solution that is focused exclusively on systems reliability, sustainability, and cost effective operations.


As such, we will ensure that every requirement you have will be handled according to the highest standards possible. We guarantee the availability of our teams and skills to your objectives at all times.

Further to that end, our long record of success, our business principles, and our many successes will help to assure you that we will be the partner that is there to support you well into the foreseeable future – a claim that many of our competitors cannot make.

Noel Network & PC Services, skill set encompasses every area required to successfully design, manufacture, implement, support, sustain, and managed the large-scale IT solutions and network security your company requires. Noel Network & PC Services provides both pre-packaged and custom IT solutions with predictable, cost-effective analysis. We can handle every aspect of the IT field. From workstation setup and training to Local Area Network (LAN) Wide Area Network (WAN) installation, our skilled staff can tackle all of your IT needs.

All of our technicians are certified in the most current and popular IT brands: Microsoft, Novell, UNIX, Firewall and Linux are just a few of the systems with which we are capable of working. No matter the hardware or software, Noel Network & PC Services can assist you. We are even happy to integrate hand-held devices into your IT system. Our staff continually is updating their knowledge, so you can be sure you will be receiving the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art service available.

Our Project Manager will work with your Contract Manager and administrative staff to establish the most effective times and frequencies for conducting these kinds of project management needs.

Deploying our Integrated IT Solutions and Network Security program is a turnkey, collaborative process. During this process, it’s our job to provide guidelines, coordinate information, and execute implementation and education according to a mutually agreeable timeline.

We will assign a project manager and supervisor resources to you for the duration of the program. We ask that you assign a liaison to us who has access to all key decision makers. Our team will work directly with your liaison in order to:

  • Identify and establish IT and networking goal requirements.
  • Develop and implement the training and education programs.
  • Develop identity and collateral materials and presentations.
  • Establish timelines, milestones and measures.
  • Refine program requirements and procedures as may be needed over the term of our program.
  • Report to you on the current status of any program element, incident report, problem, or issue on demand.

We review efforts by our project management team on a continual basis. This includes results analysis, sustainability rates, and networking performance. Periodically, we will schedule time with you to review the success of our program in meeting your objectives and to gather product updates and service enhancements so that they can be incorporated into the overall IT solutions and network security operations.

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