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Our IT Solutions Approach

it-solution-mOur approach is designed to expediently build out a dedicated IT force to manage your business data and network tracking efforts, reduce internal network problem, assure consistency among all office software, hardware, and develop an effective, interactive network. In this process, we leverage over 20 years of experience and best practices to ensure the success of our field IT solutions support programs.

Our IT Solutions program involves site analysis and documentation, remote monitoring and support, network security and intrusion detection, complete data and power redundant solutions, complete wireless network solutions, among several other support strategies. Our program is oriented toward achieving your goals through the process of deploying targeted IT solutions efforts in order to meet ongoing network expansion and continuity goals. Our program involves the focused delivery of our best practice systems for accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Effective Software and Hardware Analysis and Training
  • Facilitating IT Solutions Assistance and Education Efforts
  • Implementing Collateral and Action Path Support Systems
  • Test Software Programs and Overall LAN Setup
  • Ongoing Group Collaboration Technologies & Logistical Management services
  • Implementation of Reporting and Ongoing Evaluation Systems
  • Hubs, Routers, & Switches
  • Microsoft Window Server/Novell NOS Deployment Strategies
  • Windows™/Mac™/UNIX™ Cross-Platform Integration
  • Data Connectivity (Internet, Intranet, File, & Print Sharing)

We will deliver measurable results through a unique combination of top-level consultation, on- and off-site management, support systems integration, and hands-on implementation management. Our program delivery process is designed to incorporate, accommodate, and account for all of the requisite skills, procedures, and processes required to deliver success with respect to our program’s ultimate goals – Develop and implement a secure and consistent IT system that reduces network problems, provides precise search results, offers cost efficiency to the client, and ensures the best IT strategy needs for your business.

Delivery is an ongoing and collaborative process between Noel Network & PC Services, your business. Management of this process is, in fact, one of our processes! Our results and performance are measured proactively. Our program is aggressively managed and reports and feedback to you also occur regularly.

We deliver a significantly faster time to institute IT solutions expansion, greater adaptability, streamlined communications, and the ability to optimize data management operations.

Both our technology’s capabilities and our spirit for mutual success extend a great deal of flexibility into the arrangements we craft. The balance of this our web site provides additional details and insights with respect the value of our program. We can implement this IT Solutions and Network Security program immediately!

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