5 Ways to Improve Your Defenses Against Attack

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With the increase in the number of cyber attacks and criminal activities on in the internet community nowadays, don’t you think it’s high time to get busy with the issue of security? Not just getting busy with internet security issues; but rather, specifically swinging into action without procrastination.

If you are a business owner or company executive, the need to provide adequate security to your business is your onus, and hence, investing a huge chunk of time on it is worth it. Like the renowned wise saying has connoted “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, embarking on the search for the best security practices and implementing them pragmatically is sure. The defensive measures will not mean or obstruct your hunters from launching an attack on you; but would significantly stonewall their efforts for as long as it is preventable.
To keep you safe and secured to a certain extent over the internet, below are some practical measures to ensure that you have a memorable adventure over the internet. As well as being able to keep, manage and store your information.

strong password

Encryption of strong Passwords

Sometimes, the internet is all about the use of identity and symbols for adequate recognition. Nowadays, a good number of websites you visit will request that you set up an account for your own use. This is in order to help keep your information safe and secure with the service provider who also operate under strict rules by diverse regulatory bodies. Hence, creating a very super-secure password is required. In order to achieve this, emulate the art of juxtaposing several characters and denominations together in password brainstorming. If possible include numbers, alphabets, currency signs, decimal points etcetera.

Store data in a secure location
You should know the directories at which you have stored your confidential data, ensure that all your information and credential is stored in a secure and specific location. This could be a remote server or a database which you have created somewhere else over the internet.

Keep Track Records
If you are opportune to own/manage a company or business, cool and fine, the idea is to keep track records of all your staffs, and corresponding activities going on over the internet. This would help to detect or know where loopholes are in and possible ways to curb and manage it.

Be a bit Skeptical
Being skeptical does not mean you have a rough or bad mindset towards your security. Rather, it portrays a sign of discipline and care. Deploy your firewalls to action, checking and monitoring websites that you may find harmful. If possible, run a short test on source codes for malware and backends consequently before deploying.

secured website

Protect your website

If you have a website, ensure it is protected and secure. Most especially if your website is for the purpose of managing a business, or perhaps an e-commerce site. One of the best practices is the use of strong anti-virus software, setting it up in such a way, that it blocks each attack and keeps track record about the attack. In this model, you should be able to manage and know where your attackers are coming in from. If you need help, get in touch with Noel Network & PC Services, Inc. The computer services long island, NY.