A new Outlook to Laptop vs Desktop Debate

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laptop vs desktop

Laptop vs Desktop Ease

With the advancement of technology, most of the manufacturers are trying to make gadgets portable and easy to carry. With the combination of nanotechnology and densely integrated ICs, everything in the field of computing is becoming lighter and smaller.  This downsizing of space has sparked a debate between the use of Laptop vs Desktop for various purposes. Even though if you look from a layman’s point of view, a laptop seems to be the hot favorite. However, before you consider this as the final verdict and dispose of your desktop, you need to look at this feud from a different angle altogether to get a better picture.

Know Your Device

The various components of a laptop are fused together with the motherboard to make optimum utilization of the available space, makes it difficult for the user to change any broken part or enhance the hardware specification of the machine. Many people fail to mention that the space available in a desktop helps in easier exchange of damaged or outdated hardware in the system without disturbing any other part. If you play a lot of games or utilize your machine to run the heavy software, then you might have encountered malfunctioning issues with your laptop’s hard drive and video cards. Since these pieces of hardware are integrated onto the motherboard of your notebook, any issues in them can be countered by changing the entire motherboard of your laptop, and that is not a viable option as it costs a heck more than the hardware.

laptop or desktop what to choose?

Upgrade Your Device on Time

If you intend to run the same machine for an extended duration of time, then you will need to upgrade your system’s hard disk space and processing memory aka the RAM. It helps in enhancing the performance of your system. Changing the RAM on your desktop is a far easier task, than doing the same on a laptop. If you wish to play games on your laptop, then there are various things that you need to keep in mind. Such as upgrading your video card, graphics card, the battery backup for your laptop to name a few. However, changing all these requires you to either buy a high-end laptop or redesign the entire outlay of your existing laptop and in both the cases, it will cost a fortune. In contrast, the same can be accomplished within a laptop at a far cheaper price.

laptop vs desktop power

Laptop vs Desktop Power

Most of the technologies are backward compatible that means that if you use the latest device, then you can utilize the services of older devices as well. However, the reverse is not true. So, in order to utilize the latest service in the market, you need to have the most advanced hardware. That is why it becomes imminent that you upgrade your computer with time if you intend to make complete utilization of it. For examples, if you do not upgrade your laptop or desktop, then you won’t be able to connect the same to any internet gateway as the WiFi protocols become outdated, or it takes more time to do the same task. I’m not saying that a desktop is a more suitable option. However, you need to plan out various things before you throw away the device thinking that it holds no use for you.

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