Over 2 Decades: Journey of Windows Chapter 9: Review of Windows 10

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Continuing from where we left off, if we have to sum the entire review of Windows 10 in a single word then it will be transcendent. It might have taken Windows approximately 2 decades, but they have finally been able to achieve true brilliance. All the problems that were with the predecessors of Windows 10 have not only have been resolved, but also the enhancement of the Start menu, Cortana, Edge Browser and applications have made Windows 10 the best available Windows yet.

The reason to mention “yet” is justified because if a corporation that employs the best mind in the World can improve so vastly in terms of user friendliness and technology in such a short span after a major fallback, then if given the right motivation and direction can easily conquer and bring the entire world to their knees.

windows 10 desktop

Let’s dig in a bit deeper into the OS that is not just for PCs or notebooks, but for all available servers, devices and all in between points. Windows 10 is the only available OS that actually does justice to its tagline. “The next Windows OS” is a true and worthy successor of the greatness Windows 7 achieved and the savior of Windows reputation after the debacle and humiliation Windows 8 faced. It has brought all the available devices be it PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone together and united them for the ease of the user.

“One product family, one platform, one store,” the comment released by official Microsoft representatives in the event of its launch is valid. Not only Microsoft finally understands the need of the common user; they have this time implemented it to perfection as well. Luckily, this time around they haven’t forgotten the need for the enterprises as well. The OS not only works smoothly for touchscreen devices, but there is no match for this OS when using it on a keyboard and mouse attached to the device. Also, the interface of Windows 10 can be easily optimized for devices with screen sizes ranging from 4 inches to 80 inches. So, it doesn’t feel awkward, whether you install the OS on your laptop or your mobile phone.

Also, Microsoft was so taken aback with the debacle Windows 8 faced, that before the launch more than 4 million people used and tested the usefulness of Windows 10. This does not imply that this OS launched by Microsoft is perfect in every sense, but it is indeed far better than all counterparts. Let’s go over each specification in detail.

Start Menu

A good news for the Windows 7 fans, the famous and preferred Start menu is back on user’s demand. Not only its back but the addition of Metro Apps have given the users of Windows 10 something new. The left side of this improved Start menu hosts the list of most used applications below it rests the trivial ‘All apps’ shortcut, Settings, File Explorer and power shortcuts.

windows 10 start menu

While the right side hosts the live tiles feature that was introduced in Windows 8 with everything customizable. In the tablet mode, you get a full-screen start mode that makes more sense than on Laptop or notebook.

Search and Cortana

windows 10 search

Learning from its mistakes in the past, Microsoft optimally placed the search toolbar right beside the start menu on the taskbar. It has proven a right move, as its purpose, it now rightly served. Cortana virtual assistant search operates after the opening of Cortana upon clicking the search bar on the taskbar. People with Windows Phone with Windows 8 or later versions are familiar with the use of Cortana and appreciates the move greatly.

Virtual Desktops and Task View

The virtual desktop is located on the bottom of the screen, below the app thumbnail. Previously, users had to depend on third party software for using the function assigned to the virtual desktop. It comes in real handy when playing high graphics based games.

Situated on the right of the search box, task view is equivalent to the keyboard shortcut Alt-Tab. It comes in real handy for the touch screen users.

Windowed Apps and Snap Assist.

windows app and snap assistant

Four apps can be snapped in a single screen with Windows 10, with each occupying 1/4th of the available space. In Windows 7 and 8 you have to do the same with keyboard shortcuts and then manually arrange them.

Notification and Apps

windows 10 notification and apps

It is a feature inherited from Windows 8, it is very much similar and functions the same. Also, if you miss any notification, it can be reviewed with just a touch.

microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge: It is the upgraded and advanced version of the Internet Explorer web browser. Like other browsers, it has an optimized reading mode, along with an annotation feature to add notes and highlight things or crop a particular part of a page.

Tv, Music and Movies

media player windows 10

The days of Windows Media centre are over. Windows 10 comes with a built-in player for Videos, Music and Photos. It is also compatible with DVD players and TV-tuners. Unlike Xbox branding in Windows 8, the apps are renamed as Music, Movies and TV to avoid any confusion.

With the Music App, you can play any music from the connected Onedrive Music folder and play it directly online.

The Cons

Overall the new OS seems near perfection. However, pros are always attached with cons. The thing that Microsoft can improve in their future updates include:

  1. The presence of both, a simplified Setting App and Control panel is challenging to understand.
  2. It seemed that the released version of Windows 10 has a lot of updates to accompany, as there is no option in Windows 10 to turn off the auto update option.
  3. It is the most cloud-focused, connected OS released by Microsoft, which makes it easier to sync and get your desired setting instead of customizing it again. However, Many applications require access to personal data if you wish to utilize them to their full content.

Our Verdict:

In a single line if we have to comment then there is absolutely no reason to upgrade to Windows 10 and also it is free for users with Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices. The new features along with the familiarity of Windows 7 and the bright side of Window 8 make it the must upgrade necessity of the time.