Quick and Simple Tips for Effective IT Maintenance

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Maintaining systems and machines of a company and keeping them running during business hours is a big challenge faced by all network administrators. But preventive maintenance is something which is most common among all electronic goods. You need to get your car serviced every six months, your washing machine needs repairing every six months. When it comes to IT, things are the same. Check the number of systems which are used in your office. The constant alerts and tickets which users send you can really be disturbing at times.

Some of the most common points which are put forward for better preventive maintenance are that it will improve the performance and lifespan of systems, bring down repair costs and minimize downtime. But one point which they often miss out is operational efficiency. That’s the exact area where the need for remote management (RM) solutions comes into picture, both for companies and their clients. One of the major plus points of RM is that it has the capability for setting maintenance windows for specific time periods for preventative upkeep.

Windows maintenance is something which most MSPs give precedence to. The reason behind this trend is pretty simple. In its most simple form, maintenance mode is meant to minimize disruptions for MSPs. Using a RM solution in maintenance mode; you will be able to remove all useless dashboard alerts which come up while MSPs operate on their client’s systems. With the help of this feature, you can select one or multiple devices for maintenance, perform required tasks without receiving unimportant, repeated notifications such as unwanted tickets. The devices can be removed from maintenance mode once upkeep is finished.

Minimizing the number of overall alerts during this session will make sure that you receive only critical notifications. As a result, MSPs won’t have to waste their valuable time looking for important issues which need to be addressed immediately. Moreover, maintenance mode will prevent unimportant failure entries from getting into major performance reports.

RM solutions play a major role in reducing server downtime and losses and minimizing Mean Time to Repair(MTTR). One common problem with normal power management systems is that you require the help of a third party technician when the requirement of a cold reboot arises. These services may cost as much as $300 per incident. Replacement of defective equipments can also increase costs.

Since remote power switch products offer output-level power control, often there is no point in hitting a technician to execute a hard reboot manually. Using RM solutions can help to minimize dependency on third party services and IT department, and make networking related expenses more effective than before. IT maintenance is a part and parcel of every type of business. So, as a business owner you cannot afford to ignore this vital aspect of business. Technical glitches can bring day to day operations at a standstill. Therefore, and cut down networking related issues, you should adapt RM solutions.