Ways to go-around Tech-Support for the Growth of your Business

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With the advancement in technology various companies are trying to resolve the issues faced by their users while making their mobile phone application compatible with the latest version of OS dominating the market. Let us imagine a condition where the application you use on a regular basis has an update released for your android phone. However, the issue can be that the upgrade is not compatible with the previous version of the operating system that your device might still be running upon.

There are many mobile phone manufacturing firms and they customize the OS, according to their devices. Sometimes they delay in releasing an update for their mobile. Without the upgrade of your mobile phone OS, the upgrade of the application becomes “Not compatible”. It not only becomes inconvenient for the users to search a way around the application on the web. Also, it decreases the authority of your mobile phone web application which is not a good sign in this competitive market.

supportWhat if, the application itself is able to detect the problem after diagnosing the system thoroughly and present the most appropriate solution. Won’t it be interesting? But you must be wondering that this prospect is not possible in the near future. If you think on the similar lines, then you need to catch up with the changing technology.

The advancing technology has presented with ways so that support is available to you at your fingertips with the touch of a button. There are applications available that offer solutions to problems based on the user ratings of the same solution offered to different users in the past, who have encountered a similar error.

24/7 supportThis way you can get tech support any time of the day with a simple touch on your phone’s screen. However, if the problem is unique to your mobile or to the downloaded version of the web application, then the app can connect your phone to the customer care representative directly. This will not only reduce the pressure on your tech support team, but also your users will be happier as they won’t have to hold the line for hours to talk with the customer support executive.

This will help you establish your brand as a customer friendly one while enhancing the user base of your website. This in turn helps you to maximize the conversion rate through your mobile phone web application. This will also help you to cut back on the customer support team that you hire as most of the user problems are resolved by the app itself.