Wondering Whether it is a Deceptive Side Ahead? Protect Your PC from Deceitful Download Buttons

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One thing that runs in everybody’s mind these days is “How secure is the online browsing?” Online security has been among the most significant reason for the people not to perform online activities. However, there is a good news! As we all know about Google, I hope we all do, has come up with many updates to keep your online browsing safe. The Web’s birthday came with a lot of improvements that were updated to keep the browsing safe and secure. This is the same technology that safeguards 7,406,105,690 people all around the world. The “Google Safe Browsing.”

The Google safe browsing offers the users the data that helps them in staying away from the jeopardy- both across the web and the Google. The Google Safe Browsing uncovered the alarming sites into two different categories:
●Intentional attack sites
●Unintentional attack sites

The sites that intentionally attacked the user’s system used the undesirable software that was difficult to uninstall, and also increased the phishing and malware attacks. Whereas, the unintentional attack was a surprise for the owner of the website itself. The reason being, the security breach of his/her site, without even a hint that such an incident has happened.

virus alert

But as we all know, every problem comes with a solution. So, Google’s safe browsing indicated an alert message in Firefox, Safari or even Chrome; once the sites were found infected. Every day, Google safe browsing encounters more than 6 million alarming messages and according to the Safe Browsing report, out of all the warnings, 50000 have been malware sites and around 90000 phishing sites.

Apart from this advancement, Google also warns the owners of the website about the issues that their website has been facing so that they can take necessary actions to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

unwanted software

Recent Developments in Google Safe Browsing
There used to be days when safe browsing was available for free for the users and the companies, so as to protect their sites from any kind of online attack. However, as the severity of attacks rose up, the need for an advancement in technology was very much needed. It is for this reason; Google introduced new ways to protect the sites.

web forgery

Google Analytics: Previously, the safe browsing used Webmaster Tools Service to generate warnings, but, with an increase in cyber threats, safe browsing notification had been incorporated to warn the site owners to take necessary actions.

Chrome: Sometimes when we visit a site, we notice some pop-ups, many of them ask for downloading software that might be beneficial. However, they may contain a virus that can harm the system and can also compromise the security of our online activity. Today, if the site contains any Malware, a warning pops up saying, “Site ahead contains Malware.”

The month of February came with a recent advancement in continuing protecting the online activities from another threat “deceptive download buttons.”

The deceptive download buttons can be tricky enough to fool you in considering that the messages displayed are legitimate and needed to be accepted. Let us consider two different examples.

FLV video

In the first one, a dialog box suggests that software needs to be updated to watch a particular video content. As soon as you update the software, the malicious program infects your PC. The hard part is the message was not originated from the website, but it, unfortunately, became a risk.

Media player

In the second one, a pop up arrives on the screen asking for an update of the media player, and it is when the PC gets loaded with the Trojan horse that eventually leads to losing the data or even manipulating them.

The fact is the deceitful buttons can pop up on any website, offering you explicit content or updates for the software. What important is, having a browser that will protect you from all the risks than just finding a solution once you are hit by the problem. If you tried all of the above and sill having problems, do not hesitate to contact Noel Network & PC Serives, Inc. to assist you further.